art psychotherapy

connecting creativity and wellbeing

art psychotherapy

connecting creativity and wellbeing

Creativity (noun): the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns and relationships to create meaningful new ideas

Experiencing difficulties, challenges and traumas are an inevitable part of life. By denying the effects of these experiences or trying to avoid them we can entangle ourselves in patterns of suffering. Artwell offers creative avenues as a means of support and accompaniment for people to explore and work through their difficulties to a place of empowerment where they can thrive and grow.

Art psychotherapy (also known as art therapy) uses the creative process within the safety of a therapeutic relationship to find ways of moving beyond feelings and behaviours that are difficult or painful. The creative process helps us let go and express what may be difficult to put into words so that we can gently explore what arises in the present moment and begin to live the life we want.


A non-judgemental and compassionate relationship in a confidential setting provides a safe space for therapy.


The creative process uses felt sense rather than the intellect to work with experiences that are difficult to put into words


Creating brings us into the present moment. Reflecting on this process and exploring the finished art work brings insight and clarity.


Working with an experienced art psychotherapist can help with anxiety, trauma, feeling overwhelmed, attachment problems, identity issues, relationship difficulties, bullying, self harm, low self esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts, significant life stages or changes, physical illness and existential concerns.


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